Both white and light

Holmen EPIC is a wood-containing paper that is truly capable of replacing the wood-free alternatives. Uncoated, it delivers high bulk and opacity plus a whiteness that combines with the low grammage to create a brand new and highly cost-effective paper. Perfect for products such as magazines, direct mail and notebooks.

Whiter than you ever thought possible

With a brightness of 85 percent, Holmen EPIC is whiter than you ever thought possible with anything other than wood free paper. In fact, it's bright enough to truly be capable of replacing the wood free alternatives. With EPIC, you get the desired whiteness, very high opacity and an almost unbeatable image reproduction.

A brighter affair

Like all our papers, Holmen EPIC is based on fresh fibres. Paper made from fresh fibre has a strong advantage compared to recovered fibre: it has higher bulk, which means that it's more voluminous. Or in other words, the paper weighs less while remaining its thickness. There are many benefits with high bulk. Since the paper weighs less you can buy fewer tonnes and still keep the same thickness as a regular paper, add more pages while still buying the same amount of paper, or get a thicker end product. In every way, Holmen EPIC is a brighter affair.

Holmen EPIC will be available for order on January 1 2019