Our customer magazine Paper continues to make an impression worldwide and become nominated for awards. In September we learnt that our magazine was running for The Swedish Design Prize 2018 and The Publishing Prize 2018. Now we’re proud to announce that Paper also has been nominated for the international awards Content Marketing Awards 2018 in London and Pearl Award 2018 in New York.

Paper has during its three years of existence surpassed all expectations. Each of the five issues has won or has been nominated for a number of prestigious awards. This acknowledgement is of course something we’re very proud of but more importantly, the magazine and its content is much appreciated by its readers.

” We have received a great response when reaching out to our readers”, says Susanne Lockner, Content Specialist and editor-in-chief for Paper. For example, 93 % believe that the magazine gives an overall positive impression, 89 % think that the content is worth reading and 77 % say that the magazine has made them more positive towards Holmen Paper. Who could ask for more?

Paper is an important part of our communication and shows that print still is an important channel, Susanne continues. The content also reflects important topics close to our heart, such as print and paper, sustainability and innovation.

The magazine is produced by Chimney on behalf of Holmen Paper, a close and creative teamwork focused on high-quality content.

” We are very happy that this push for editorial content with high design quality has been met with such great response” says Bo Thorp, Business Director at Chimney.” This is probably the most ambitious paper sample in the world. The magazine is printed on Holmen TRND – which is the same paper that we would like the customer to pay attention to”, Bo Thorp concludes.

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Paper - An up-to-date magazine on a modern paper.

Paper Paper is our customer magazine, 64 pages of knowledge providing content in a visually attractive design which is created together with content agency Chimney. The magazine is printed on Holmen TRND which emphasizes the colour and imagery of the content and conveys a feeling of an environmental mind-set with attitude.

CMA - Content Marketing Association

The Content Marketing Association (CMA) is the industry association for marketing, publishing, advertising and social agencies. Its overarching aim is to promote the use of content as an effective marketing tool and showcase the channels it can be used for.

Pearl Awards - Content Council

The New York based Content Council has been celebrating excellence in content marketing since 2004, making The Pearl Awards the longest running and most prestigious content marketing awards program in the United States.