Holmen Paper is a speciality paper producer that uses the properties of virgin fibre to provide cost-effective alternatives to traditional paper choices.

Our speciality papers are a great example of how new products come about. They often grow out of solutions to our customers’ wishes or challenges and our work to help them boost branding, efficiency and sales. This committed collaboration with our customers creates the courage to act and to challenge, and this has led to new solutions never seen before in the industry.

Our customers asked for a new type of SC paper with high bulk, good opacity and good print gloss. This was the starting point for the development process that led to the birth of Holmen UNIQ

Are you looking for a paper that exudes elegance, charm and intelligence, have a look at Holmen VIEW – a paper with a silky feel and high brightness.

Holmen XLNT has a robust feel that makes it a reliable and cost effective solution for major print runs of magazines, catalogues and direct mail, and the paper is constantly improving with the help of customers.

Holmen TRND is the cheeky newcomer challenging the magazine world’s more niche publications.

These products are a prime example of our expertise and our willingness to challenge conventional perceptions about how paper should be used.

Facts Holmen Paper



Net sales, SEKm

5 408

5 431

Operating profit, SEKm *



Investments, SEKm



Average number of employees



Deliveries, ’000 tonnes

1 117

 1 134

* Excluding items affecting comparability