Inspiration for you! 

Here it is! Our award winning customer magazine – for those of you who love paper, sustainability, innovation and design. Packed with enjoyment that definitely will offer you inspiration and new ideas.

As producers of paper, we love printed communication and we love magazines. For many years we have offered the market a customer magazine with an aim to inspire and adding value to our readers with stories about paper and its renewable raw material. Paper, our new magazine, goes even further and pays a tribute to printed communication by inspiring new ideas, providing knowledge and widening the perception of paper as a product. 

The magazine is printed on Holmen TRND, a modern paper that gives the magazine a luxurious feel with its matte and rough surface and good readability. The cover is Invercote, a world-class leading paperboard produced by Iggesund Paperboard. 

Paper is published in English, French, German, Spanish and Swedish. 



Paper Magazine no 4 cover


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