Inspiring success

The strategic and dedicated effort resulting in products like Holmen VIEW, UNIQ, TRND and BOOK is a successful investment, to a large extent built on the employees in Holmen Paper, working hard and focused to develop the company to its current position.

Business Development at Holmen Paper is constantly attentive to new ideas and needs from close contact with the customers. Over the years this has evolved into a working model for how to develop new, successful products. By continuously listening to the market, through surveys and close co-operations, Holmen Paper receives up-to-date information on what our customers demand. The result is new paper grades with more bulk, higher brightness and improved surface, which even help customers cut costs.

Although it’s Holmen VIEW, UNIQ, TRND and BOOK who have won the day, so to say, it’s the efforts around the development of pioneer product Holmen XLNT that formed the template for bringing forward winning products.

“Without a doubt! XLNT and all the knowledge manifested in the development has been the basis for how we continued to develop our products. That goes for both the product development in itself and for the market introduction of the product, and the accompanying concepts”, says Tommy Wiksand, Business Development Manager. “The experiences and lessons learnt were important input to the development of Holmen VIEW, and later also in the work around Holmen UNIQ!”

”Our strong position today is thanks to having the courage to invest in a competitive industry facing major challenges”

Creating a new product is a thorough job, from start to finish. Taking its first steps in the customers’ demands, it needs also to be combined with what is doable and manageable production wise, finally ending up in top quality products. Throughout the years, Holmen Paper’s offer has come to include not only products, but high class logistic solutions and services, creating ease of business and money saving for printers and end-customers.

The Business Development and the development engineers at the mills are in many ways the hub when working on new products. They are involved early in the process and it’s important to work with all aspects of the entire process –from the forest all the way until the paper reel arrives at the printer. When the development starts, it involves different teams representing the entire chain at the mill, from the wood yard to the loading.

“We work with all kinds of parameters on our paper machines”, says Dan Buskhe, Development Specialist. ”It can be drainage, calendaring and a whole lot of other settings. Then we need to do trials in order to confirm that we have achieved what we want, and when successful the trial paper is sent to chosen printers for evaluation”.

An important aspect is to see this as a joint effort and have a profound understanding for the constant evolvement. We work together to create products for the future. This spirit is actually one of Holmen’s success factors.

Success paves way for more success and leads to a great confidence. We stand up for our strategy with pride, and look ahead with curiosity and trust in ourselves.

 ”Yes, what we have achieved is inspiring, to increase our market share and expand our product range under the existing circumstances”, states Magnus Revland, Strategic Development Braviken Paper mill. “Adding our sustainability efforts, from forestry to finished end product with logistic, fuel boiler, good air and water purification, it certainly doesn’t bring down our pride.”

The positive results have been noticed by the customers, rating Holmen Paper higher than the competitors in areas such as e.g. innovation, image, customer service and technical support. “Our concept is strong”, states Tommy Wiksand, “and we have a number of interesting projects running in both Braviken and Hallsta right now. We are excited to see the results”.

Expertise included

Product Development in Holmen Paper engages employees from Business Development, development engineers, technical support and sales, more or less the entire company. We like to think of our work as an offer of "expertise included". We want our customers to achieve the best possible results with our products, so we are happy to be there along the way, helping out with print settings etc in order to fulfil the customer's demands. 
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