To most people, this is just trees in a forest. To us, it's a symbol of our roots and a promise of growth and strength in a changing world. In every tree and branch there is great power, and our mission is to turn this force into new opportunities for our customers and our company.


We're not just producing paper. Our offer is much greater, and it starts in the smallest component of our products – in the fresh fibre. Fresh fibres from trees grown in our own carefully managed forests enables us to develop products with unique properties, that add customer value and leave competition behind. They are the special ingredient in the Holmen Paper recipe, today and tomorrow. 


Holmen Paper has been around for more than 400 years, and very few can claim to know more about making paper than we do. Our experience covers all areas, from the planting of trees in Sweden to the distribution of finished paper all over the world. Still, the most important thing we've learned through the years is that there are always new and even smarter ways to meet customers' challenges. We know a lot, especially that there are always more to learn.


The greatness of the Holmen Paper products has everything to do with the ones who stand behind them. The skilled and dedicated individuals of our company – all with different, but equally important tasks. The people of Holmen Paper believe in openness and creative thinking to improve and solve challenges. We love what we do and are deeply committed in doing it the right way. For our customers, the environment and the society we're all part of.


One for all, all for one. No matter how skilled you are, you will always do a better job in co-operation with others. We know that a combination of different minds and perspectives is the difference between a great idea and a game-changing invention.. We recognize the true value of collaboration, both internally across borders and competencies, and externally together with our customers to fully understand and solve their challenges. 


The question is not what we can do with paper. It is what we can't do – and so far we've seen few limitations. Thanks to the use of fresh fibres, we continue to develop our special brand of high-bulk paper, offering our customers the benefit of buying more for less by keeping thickness whilst reducing weight. Also, we constantly explore new and innovative areas of paper use. In times of change, our ability to both adapt and take lead with new ideas is a vital part of our offer and what lies in front of us.


By putting these things together, we unfold an exciting future for all of us. With fresh fibres, innovative product solutions, market knowledge and fully integrated logistics and service concepts, we offer our customers new business opportunities with a sustainable profile. We also offer ourselves the chance to break new ground with all who share our belief in the future. It embraces us all and the way we work, what we believe in and our contribution to a better world.

Together, we are releasing the power of paper. 







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