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Country: Sweden

Language: Swedish

Publishing House: Aftonbladet

Started: 2016.

Print Run: 40 000 copies

No of Pages: 200+4.

Paper: Cover Lumisilk 300 g, 1/0 matt water varnish on cover, insert Holmen TRND 2.0 80 g.

Weight: 560 g.

Distribution: Sold in 1.500 shops around Sweden

Printer: Kroonpress, Tartu, Estonia.

Editions per year: 2.

Publisher: Anna Kult, Lena Bergman Esk.

Contents in short: Here readers get a major guide to the spring trends and a through the keyhole look into 11 homes with their own personal style. Plus a number of popular  instagrammers reveal how they made their breakthrough.

Other Channels: The magazine is based on the website – one of Sweden’s biggest interior design sites. Also on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

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