Fashion is best on paper

Aftonbladet’s 200-page magazine The You Way has become Sweden’s new fashion bible.

“The paper magazine is a supplement to our daily updates on our site, giving inspiration and keeping readers abreast of the major trends from the major fashion houses,” explains responsible publisher Anna Kult.

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In March 2014, Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet launched, a fashion website that combines editorial content with shopping. One year later, they are now launching a stunning paper magazine.

“The idea is extremely simple,” explains Anna Kult. “We wanted to create a magazine that brought together all the trends for spring and summer, something you could keep for the whole season that would be as current and inspiring in May as it was in February. The result is this coffee table magazine, which covers all the big trends from all the major fashion houses and designer labels.”

Different channels – different strengths

The different channels have different strengths, according to Anna, and it is important to play to those strengths.

“Every day on the website, we present the very latest in news, pictures and shopping,” she explains. “In the magazine, we focus more on inspiration and giving an overview, something that people can go back to and read several times over.”

The first issue of the magazine was also accompanied by a new version of the website. “The new site is better harmonised with the magazine and reflects our brand much better.”

Inspiration from the classic fashion magazines

The You Way has drawn inspiration from the classic fashion magazines, not least Vogue’s collection bible. And isn’t it true that photos and articles on fashion are at their very best on paper?

“Yes, I agree and I believe fashion and interiors are the areas where the paper magazine is going to last longest,” says Anna Kult. “But you can’t just carry on with business as usual, you have to always be pushing the boundaries and finding a new function for the magazine.”

Digitally literate audience

Unlike many other exclusive new magazines that have been launched in recent years, The You Way is free.

“The fashion audience is digitally literate and has already moved online,” says Anna Kult. “They’re very much accustomed to receiving free content, so we feel it would have been tough to start charging. We see the magazine more as a way of adding value for our readers.”

A paper that stands out

The You Way is printed on Holmen TRND, an uncoated, matte and climate-neutral paper that gives the magazine a great deal of character.

“Our motto is ‘fashion begins with you’, so we wanted a paper that stands out in comparison with the usual fashion magazines. At the same time, we wanted a paper with bulk, a thick paper that is light, but still with a premium feel. Holmen TRND meets both those criteria.”

The 70s are back

Flicking through the first issue of The You Way, one thing is clear: the 70s are back.

“Yes, that’s the strongest trend this spring,” says Anna Kult. “We’re going to see a lot of flared jeans.”

Fringed suede jackets, high-waisted flares and long, patterned kaftans. This year the 70s are back. 
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“There’s something very special about a paper magazine. The smell. The rustle between the fingers. The wonderful feeling that there is a beginning and an end – not just digital infinity.” So says responsible publisher Anna Kult, pictured here with editor Stefan Axell.  

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Holmen TRND in sheets

Holmen TRND is an edgy newcomer to the magazine world that is used chiefly for magazines and direct mail that dare to be different. The paper – uncoated, matte and climate neutral – is a cost-effective alternative to wood-free uncoated paper.

To further broaden the appeal and reach new customer segments, Holmen Paper is now launching Holmen TRND in sheet form. This means firms that print magazines and DM on a smaller scale can now also benefit from Holmen TRND and the standout character that the paper offers – a rough and tough surface that breathes new life into the content.




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