For the love of books

Books come in all forms, and in a way they represent the diversity of mankind, sharing all of our experiences, our search for meaning and expression that drives all societies forward. Books can be inspiring, relaxing, serious or funny - either way, they help bring people together and help us educate ourselves.

“There are many little ways to enlarge your child's world. Love of books is the best of all.”
Jackie Kennedy Onassis

From the old shamans telling tales by the campfire, ‘til today's celebrity biographies, crime novels and science fiction; it's tradition combined with futuristic fantasies, folktales and science. The stories are endless, and this is also the advantage of books.

Wherever there are people, there are stories to tell. The trick is to make use of this force, to be the one to tell the tale, and in the way you want it to be told. And storytelling doesn’t have to be hallelujah all the time, yet it can be told over and over again. 



Is telling a story about your own company or organisation in a way that supports and develops its operations. It is about letting customers know how good a product or service is – in a context that they can relate to, instead of just blurting it out. Stories are part of the organisation’s cultural capital and can also be used to build brand, strengthen leadership and help recruit new employees.


Is showing what you are doing and getting others to spread the word, rather than you talking about your own activities. One reason for this is that stories about your company or organisation are more credible if they are spread by customers, especially through social media. Storydoing is a response to many people’s disinclination to take on board messages from advertising, but smart storydoing can also be a way for companies to cut advertising and marketing costs.

The importance of touch and feel

There are those who prefer e-books, but many still prefer a real physical book. Studies show that paper communicates beyond the written word. It carries a message, because something is printed on it, but it also tells its own story. Ideally, the feel of the paper complements the content and message of the product. This is where our paper comes into play.

Do you want to know more about the feeling of paper and how touch and feel influences us? Here are more insights on the subject.


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We love Paper

As producers of paper, we love printed communication and we love magazines. For many years we have offered the market a customer magazine with an aim to inspire and adding value to our readers with stories about paper and its renewable raw material. Paper, our new magazine, goes even further and pays tribute to printed communication by inspiring new ideas, providing knowledge and widening the perception of paper as a product. 

The magazine is printed on Holmen TRND, a modern paper that gives the magazine a luxurious feel with its matte and rough surface and good readability. The cover is Invercote, a world-class leading paperboard produced by Iggesund Paperboard. 

Paper is published in English, French, German, Spanish and Swedish. Sign up for a free subscription today!




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