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With the past decades’ rapid digital evolution, print media has taken a step back. Looking at the magazine segment, it’s undergoing somewhat of a paradigm shift. According to a forecast by Numera Analytics, we are looking at a market decrease of 49% between 2015 and 2025. This goes hand in hand with the fact that digitalization in the media and entertainment market is forecasted to continue to grow, especially considering the increased usage of smart phones and tablets for all age groups, millennials in particular. In parallel, the Holmen Paper Magazine Study shows that many publishers find it hard to monetize their digital efforts, especially since readers are less willing to pay for online content.

However, as mentioned e.g. by Magnetic Media, when compared to their digital equivalents, printed magazines are considered more trustworthy and to have a depth and analysis of content that is not available elsewhere. In the Holmen Paper Magazine Study, we conclude that millennials are still interested in reading printed magazines (in particular special interest magazines), meeting their need for entertainment, information and relaxation. Hence, printed magazines are still an important media – building trust and building brands with high quality content, niched for specific target groups. 


As a paper supplier, this naturally sounds like music to our ears. But a big question for publishers is how to keep their magazines relevant and maintain the interest of their target groups? To find out, our customer magazine Paper has interviewed three representatives of successful magazines who share their insights.



The Holmen Paper Magazine Study

During 2017 Holmen Paper's market intelligence team conducted an extensive study of the magazine market in Europe, focusing on France, Germany and UK. Some of the questions we address in the study are how publishers meet the new challenges, how pricing is affected and how the readers demands are changing. Sound interesting? 






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