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Our senses help us take in the world around us, they affect how we see it and what decisions we make. For centuries now, businesses have tried to find ways of getting customers interested in their products. With advances in brain research, we are understanding more and more about how the brain controls our perceptions. Linking marketing to more of our senses, and so encouraging us to use our sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, elevates the experience and makes it more personal. Studies have shown that touch in particular, and the effects of touch (known as haptics), play a key role in the way we perceive things. Your sight is often what prompts you to pick up a product, but it is the feel in the hand that makes you keep hold of it.

“We also found that, just by feeling the paper, they instantly created a perception for themselves of the paper’s price, whether it was eco-friendly and even whether they thought the paper was masculine or feminine.”
Siv Lindberg, Innventia

This is an important factor for companies as they try to reach out to their consumers, and resources are increasingly being put into ensuring not only that the products are functional and attractive, but also that they have the right feel. Naturally the paper industry is a prime example of this, with magazine publishers demanding paper that can take the product to a different level, reinforce the message that the magazine wants to convey – and indeed increase the value of the brand.

A whole host of papers are available, all with their own properties and character. LWC paper (Light Weight Coated) feels very different to an SC paper (Super Calendered) – a rougher paper makes a whole other impression than a coated paper. They are all paper in various forms, intended for similar end products, but with an entirely different feel. The choice of paper can make all the difference, so make sure you trust your senses.


Our customer magazine Paper met up with Joshua Ackerman (University of Michigan), Mark Rutland (professor of chemistry at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm), Siv Lindberg (Innventia) and Aimee Carruthers (senior designer at Frankie Magazine), all of whom share their experiences and research results.




What does haptic mean?

Haptics is the science of touch, body movements and their effects. Of our five senses, touch is the one that is furthest developed at birth. It is this sense that a newborn baby uses to first make sense of the world. Recent research shows that adults also take in a great deal of information via touch, something that has an effect on the way our brains make decisions.


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