Holmen BOOK EXTRA– with a hint of blue

It all began with one of the leading book publishers in France requesting a book paper in a bluish-white shade. And so Holmen Paper developed Holmen BOOK Extra, which is now also increasingly in demand from others in the market.


Holmen Paper already offered the products Holmen BOOK and Holmen BOOK Cream when the enquiry came in for a paper with a bluer tone.

“The customer, who at that time was buying products from our main competitors, wanted a paper in this particular shade. We conducted tests, tried different options, and soon found the answer – Holmen BOOK Extra in a brightness of 80,” explains Yasmina Séfrin, sales director for Holmen Paper in France.

“It was a great success”

It was book publisher Editis in Paris – a long-standing customer of Holmen Paper – who requested Holmen BOOK in the same grade as its sister products, but in this bluish-white. The shade, which places Holmen BOOK Extra in between Holmen BOOK and Holmen BOOK Cream, has proven a popular addition.

“When Holmen Paper said they were willing to expand their range, we were keen to try out the new products and Holmen BOOK Extra was a great success,” recalls Raphael Aureau, Paper Purchasing Manager of Editis.

“Holmen BOOK Extra has a fine structure, smoothness and opacity with regular bulk, which is important for our book spines. The shade also works perfectly for the French market and its readers.”

Growing interest

Holmen BOOK Extra is used for paperback books in larger formats. Thousands of tonnes of paper have been sold in France so far, and more book publishers, among them France’s largest, have now placed orders for the product. So why this success in France?

“We’ve noticed that the Northern European markets like BOOK Cream, while further south the preference is for whiter products. I don’t know why exactly, but BOOK Extra really goes down well in France,” concludes Yasmina Séfrin.

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