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Holmen Paper delivers paper all over the globe. For magazines, books, direct mail, product catalogues... But why do customers choose Holmen Paper? Follow our salespeople on a journey around the world!

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USA Rikard Wallin, DirectorUSA Rikard Wallin

One of our customers: Magazine publisher

Paper: VIEW and XLNT

Products: Product catalogues and magazines.

Latest news: After years away, more and more US companies are returning to print. A large home electronics company, for example, has conducted test printing using several of Holmen’s products.

Why customers choose us: Customers appreciate not only Holmen’s products, but also the set-up where technical specialists can be on site from the beginning, providing advice. This gives the customer confidence in Holmen and its products.

In addition, customers realise that savings of up to 15 per cent can be made on paper costs by choosing Holmen’s products.



BELGIUM Patrick Van den Hoven, Sales DirectorBelgien Patrick van den Hoven

One of our customers: Furniture chain

Paper: ALL

Products: Product catalogues, direct mail.

Latest news: The furniture chain uses traditional SC paper in its weekly mailshots, but is now looking to switch to UNIQ. Once the mailshots have been printed on UNIQ over the summer, the product will then be evaluated in the autumn.

Why customers choose us: Many customers who used to use LWC paper are switching to Holmen’s products, which allow them to save money and at the same time achieve an attractive product.

UNIQ is seen as providing better brightness, compared with SC paper, and a fine gloss. The high bulk also allows the customer to go down in basis weight.



SPAIN Eva Farriol, Sales managerSpanien Eva Farriol

One of our customers: DIY chain

Paper: NEWS and BOOK

Products: Brochures, product catalogues and direct mail.

Latest news: Marketing UNIQ, including to a DIY chain. UNIQ is of great interest in Spain and Holmen has already received several orders from different customers.

Why customers choose us: Good quality and reliable deliveries. Customers appreciate the products, the price and the good relations with the sales team.



FINLAND Mikael Hjelm, Sales ManagerFinland Mikael Hjelm

One of our customers: Media group


Products: Direct mail, magazines and weekly press.

Latest news: Dialogue with a large media group in Finland about UNIQ. Test printing of UNIQ for various customers is under way.

Why customers choose us: With Holmen’s uncoated and high bulk products, the customer can purchase lower basis weights and thus save money while still retaining good quality.



SOUTH KOREA Annmari Johansson, Sales ManagerSydkorea Annmari Johansson

One of our customers: Printing firm

Paper: BOOK and UNIQ

Products: Books and product catalogues.

Latest news: Have signed a new contract with a printing firm in South Korea. The customer first encountered the product in the spring, made a quick decision and placed an order there and then.

Why customers choose us: Customers appreciate the paper’s high bulk and gloss and the fact that they can go down in basis weight and thus achieve a better price compared with competitors’ products.



GERMANY Holger Tietje, Sales ManagerTyskland Holger Tietje

One of our customers: Printing firm


Products: Product catalogues, direct mail and magazines.

Latest news: A large printing firm, which four years ago ordered paper from several different suppliers, now orders 90 per cent from Holmen. The customer prints around 60 catalogues for customers across Europe, all on Holmen XLNT.

Why customers choose us: A product that offers good value and quality. Customers trust Holmen Paper and feel the company helps to find smart solutions.





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