How to measure success

As a business it’s important to reach your customer with your message and build your brand. But there’s a variety of ways to do it, so how do you know if you have chosen the right channel, content and target group?

The answer is measuring. To really know if your campaign is effective, you need to follow it up and measure it. Did we reach the targets we set up? Which parts of the campaign did best? Did we reach the right persons? Did we build our brand the way we intended?

”When creating print content, it’s essential to measure effectiveness in the same way as you would for digital content. The first step is to think about what the content is meant to do for the brand”
(Tiffanie Darke, Head of Method)

Regardless of the media used for your content, be it print or digital, follow-up is vital. But what is it we need to measure? What do all the data, numbers and abbreviations mean? Furthermore, it’s quite easy to make errors when measuring, just as it’s easy to misunderstand people in real life. So is there a golden rule to abide by? Our customer magazine Paper has spoken to three experts about why, how and what they measure.



What do all the abbreviations mean?

Are you on track of all the things you measure, what all the abbreviations really mean? Check out our infopaper on measuring.



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