Say it with words, or emojis

It is hardly a surprise that visual language has become popular. Images have always helped us to express what we think, say and feel. Images can also help us to understand more dimensions of communication. Nowadays, getting the message through the way you intended means choosing the right font, infographics, pictograms, images and possibly also emojis. So many things to keep in mind, and then we haven’t begun speaking about the choice of paper.

Sarah Hyndman is a graphic designer, writer and public speaker known for her interest in the psychology of type. Her mission is to change the way we think and talk about typography. She is the founder of Type Tasting, an experimental studio that explores the personalities of typefaces, how they can affect our mood, energy level or skill, as well as investigating the multisensory interplay with typography.

Paper met up with Sarah to talk about the details that makes your message sink or swim.


Want to learn more?

Download the Sarah Hyndman article as a pdf and dig into the world of fonts, infographics and emojis.





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