Slaughter in the south

Exclusive interview with author Karin Slaughter.

The books by bestselling American crime writer Karin Slaughter leave no one indifferent. In the stories about police officer Lena Adams, coroner Sara Linton and police officer Jeffrey Tolliver, we are fed with details of bloody crime scenes and terrible abuse. The goal is in a way to chock the reader, seeking to highlight the vulnerability of women and show the effects and repercussions that rape and murder have both for the victims and those around them. The brutal and unpleasantly violent scenes are a way for the author of drawing attention to and showing respect for all the people who suffer for real every day.

Karin Slaughter is passionate about books and the written word. She has always devoured books and loves libraries. She describes them as a necessity and as a protected zone. To many it can be the only chance to get access to computers or books outside of the school world. For children in vulnerable areas, the library is often the only place where they can study and do their homework in peace. This is the reason for her starting up the foundation Save the libraries in order to raise funds for continued library services all over the US.

In an exclusive interview with Paper, Karin Slaughter tell us about her work process, the matters closes to her heart and about her upcoming projects.



Karin Slaughter

Work:  Crime writer. Her books have sold in their millions and have been translated into 36 languages.

Born: In a small town in Georgia. Now lives in Atlanta.

Family: Cats Grace and Maggie. “Facebook is an important medium for keeping in touch with my readers, but it’s also fun when they share pictures of my cats”.

Interests: Running, reading, learning new things.

Interesting facts: Has swum with sharks in Australia and jumped stark naked into the Baltic Sea after a sauna in Finland. Floated weightless in the Zero-G Vomit Comet. Plans to take part in Virgin Galactic’s space programme.



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