The sweet spot

Imagine living in a world completely without colour. It sounds really depressing and dull, don’t you think? It’s probably no surprise that colour affects us more than we might think. So what is the history and future of colour trends?

Actually, strictly speaking, colours don’t exist. They are what we see when we interpret electromagnetic waves, as Isaac Newton discovered already in 1666, when he experimented with different prisms. Still colour plays an important role in our culture. Just think of what message the colour red conveys. Depending on your background and culture, red can make you think of royalty, power, communism, stop signals, happiness and joy, or simply very fast Italian sports cars.

Colour is important also in the world of print, communication and branding. We had our customer magazine Paper meet Karen Heller, one of the world’s leading experts on applied colour psychology, to find out more about how colours affects us and how businesses and designers can use it to influence behaviour.


“I often tell brands, ‘Colour is your secret sales force’ because it’s already doing the selling. Colour is the first thing we register when we come across a brand. It has a deep psychological impact and will immediately start working on our emotions.”
(Karen Heller, expert colour psychology) 

How about colour on paper?

Work:   Sometimes it is really difficult to transfer the colour from screen to paper. But it can definitely be done! Here’s a quick guide about colour and print, providing you with useful tips and tricks.



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