Keep your thickness and lose weight

Buy less, get more – doesn’t work, or does it?

Of course it does! Anything is possible when it comes to our paper grades Holmen TRND, Holmen VIEW, Holmen UNIQ and Holmen XLNT. When you buy one of these products, you also get access to our biggest customer advantage – unique products that create their own feel while helping you make significant savings.

The paper is made from fresh fibre, which gives high bulk. This enables you to use a lower basis weight in grams per square metre while retaining the overall thickness of your printed material.

You keep the feel and volume for your printed material while reducing the overall tonnes you need to purchase.

The end product is thus just as thick but lighter. This gives you a lower distribution cost per copy. All this contributes to cost savings for your company. You can reap the profits directly, or invest what you save in more frequent direct mail or expanding your magazines. The figures above are an example comparing Holmen UNIQ to a 56g/m2 standard SC-paper. You can save 16% and still get a thicker paper than before!





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