Growing forests capture carbon dioxide

Wood is becoming an ever more important product in the sustainable society, as wood captures carbon. Growing forest stores the carbon dioxide from the air in trees and soil in the form of carbon. When the trees are felled and used for wood products, these products continue to capture carbon throughout the product's life.

Holmen’s forests currently capture over 4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year (4 350 000 tonnes in 2015), which is more than all the heavy goods vehicles in Sweden emit over the same period (3 700 000 tonnes). Our ongoing forest stewardship programme leads to growing standing forests each year. An effect of this is that the amount of carbon dioxide captured by the forest also increases by approximately 300 000 tonnes per year. 

Our forest management is based on research and many years of experience within our industry. Performed together with the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden, Skogforsk, a comprehensive study of increased growth in our forest holdings was completed in 2005. The study showed that it is possible to increase growth in Holmen’s forests by 25 percent using proven methods, if they are used consistently and sustainably over the long term. Forest science can help us to further increase growth in the long run. The new science of biotechnology, which is developing rapidly, will likely have a very large impact on both forests and agriculture in the future, not least through an increasingly advanced system for cultivating seedlings and increased knowledge of plant physiology.


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