Paper nominated for the Publishing Award. Again.

Every year, the Publishing Award is presented for commendable communication. The winners are appointed by a jury consisting of prominent photographers, graphic designers, film producers, journalists and editors. The jury reviews the entries on criteria like design, content and repro. Last year’s award ceremony proved successful in that Paper won the category Customer magazines B2B. The prize confirmed that our choice – to go for a magazine with an edge, both in design and content – was absolutely right. With this in mind, it’s amazing that Paper once again is one of the nominees.

Paper is our customer magazine, 64 pages of knowledge-providing content in a visually attractive design which is created together with content agency Åkesson & Curry. The magazine is printed on Holmen TRND which emphasizes the colour and imagery of the content and conveys a feeling of an environmental mind-set with attitude. An up-to-date magazine on a modern paper.  

Paper is so much more to us than just a customer magazine. Combining an inspirational content with unique design, printed on our own fresh fibre paper, we are strongly advocating the advantages and possibilities of the printed media”, says André Skagervik, Director Marketing & Communications at Holmen Paper. “The fact that we are once again nominated for the Publishing Prize is proof that Paper still stands out, has relevant content and is up to speed with current trends”

The winner of the 2017 Publishing Prize will be announced at the Publishing Gala, October 23. 




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