Strykjärnet 100 years

Strykjärnet i Norrköping, possibly the most beautiful industry building in Sweden, turns 100 year. When it was inaugurated in 1917, the Holmen cotton weaving mill was very modern for its time, with seven stories, seven outer walls and 7,000 square meters. The design is unique and resembles an iron, hence the nick name (iron in Swedish is strykjärn). It is a historical building which has played an important part in the history of the city, not the least as a landmark.

Holmen has a central role in the history of Strykjärnet. Together with Arbetets Musem (Museum of Work) and the Norrköping municipality we will celebrate the jubilee in several ways during the Norrköping Light Festival. For example there will be a light installation on the building, telling its story. The Norrköping Light Festival starts on December 1 and continues until January 7. The official celebration of the 100-year old will take place on December 9. 

The history of Holmen

From muskets, pistols and harness via brass and textile to paper, paperboard and wood products. Holmen has really made a trip - both in time and with its products. Duke Johan's weapons factor in Norrköping of 1609 has evolved into one of Sweden's largest and most reputable forest industry companies.





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