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On December 7, the prestigious Pearl Awards took place in New York. Our customer magazine Paper was one of the nominees for the best B2B magazine in this international content award. The Pearl Awards celebrates excellence, innovation, and effectiveness in content marketing, so for us, truly, the nomination was the reward and proof that our magazine works at an international level. But it turned out that it performs even better than that – Paper struck gold and won, which means that all our issues of the magazine has won prizes for its content and design! Here is a statement from one of the Pearl Awards jurors:

Bravo! Beauty AND brains: A print magazine that knows how to impress and inspire visually, while measuring business impact. This judge recognizes the meta quality of this magazine - a print magazine extolling the virtues of print and paper craft. The design is compelling, the format unique and engaging, everything about it is elegant and screams a desire for perfection. THIS is why print will never die. Well done.

The golden journey

A little more than a year ago, we had just published our second issue of our customer magazine Paper.  We had also just landed two Swedish content awards; the Design Award and the Publishing Prize. It was an exciting moment and we could only hope that the reception of our new customer magazine would continue its successful journey. Looking back, we have definitely seen proof that our message about paper reaches out.

“Winning the Pearl Awards is the best Christmas gift ever!” says Susanne Lockner, editor-in-chief of Paper at Holmen Paper. “There are so many stories to tell about paper and the amazing fresh fibre, about innovation and sustainability. Paper is our passion, and we want to share these stories with everyone who wants to hear them. And it seems we are on a good path.”

A lot of hard work has gone into each issue, working intensely with the Swedish content agency Åkesson & Curry. The goal is to make the subsequent issue of Paper stand out even more, while still keeping the feel of the previous issues. Being unique yet connected. It may sound easy enough, but making a magazine that conveys our message and reaches through all over the world (in 54 countries and in five different languages) requires quite an effort, a firm belief in our vision, and of course dedicated team work. As Robert Bryhn, CEO, Åkesson & Curry, puts it:

“We are thrilled and excited over having landed such a prestigious international award. It’s a solid proof of what can be achieved with close cooperation, high commitment and a focus on creative quality. Thank you, Holmen Paper!”

Creating a superb print product on our own paper allows us to present what our products can achieve, matching the content with the touch and feel of the paper. The slightly odd format and the outstanding design has definitely proven to be a success. The same recipe has been used for Paper #4, recently printed and now on the way out to subscribers worldwide. This time, we focus on what’s real or fake, on the importance of colour and how print and digital can do magic together. Stay tuned!


Get the feeling of Paper

Paper, our customer magazine, pays a tribute to printed communication by inspiring new ideas, providing knowledge and widening the perception of paper as a product.

Following our own advice in Paper #2, we let haptics be a guiding star in the creation of our customer magazine. Paper is printed on Holmen TRND 2.0, 80 gsm, with a rough surface giving text and images a powerful expression. We also have a strong focus on sustainability, which is why the cover is made from Invercote by our sister company Iggesund Paperboard. Both Holmen TRND and Invercote are made from sustainable and traceable raw material from our Swedish forests.

Paper is published in English, French, German, Spanish and Swedish.


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