Another win for Paper at the Swedish Content Awards

Every year, the Swedish Content Agencies organize a competition aimed at highlighting good and innovative solutions for content that give noticeable effects on both brand and business. This year's competition took place in Stockholm on April 30th. Holmen Paper's customer magazine Paper was nominated in two categories, and we can proudly note that we brought home another win. And with a very nice motivation from the jury:

"In a joyful and visually challenging way, they succeed in demonstrating the power of a product that easily falls into oblivion in a digital world. Smart and inspiring."

"We are incredibly happy for this award!” says Susanne Lockner, editor-in-chief at Holmen Paper. "It's really awarding that all our work pays off. We believe in print as an important media, especially when it comes to reaching out with a message in the long term. In addition, Paper does much more than carry our message. It's also a great printed sample of our paper, presenting what our products can achieve, with image reproduction and an exclusive feel packed in a lightweight end product. "

Paper is made in close collaboration with the content agency Chimney and is printed at Larsson Offsettryckeri in Linköping. The paper used is Holmen TRND 80 gsm with a cover of Invercote from our sister company Iggesund Paperboard. By making a unique print product on our own paper, and matching the content with the actual feel of the paper, we really show what our products can offer.

Anna Hänström, Project Manager at Chimney, has worked with the two latest issues of Paper, and is very positive to both the paper and the concept.

"Paper is not an everyday customer magazine. The inspirational articles about important and current topics, coupled with Holmen Paper daring to go above and beyond with the design, makes Paper so much more. It's so fun to work with customers who are curious, want to try out new ideas and who understand the importance of high quality. That's how we reach the end user and also win prizes. We challenge each other with every issue, and it's such dynamic and stimulating work. "

The innovative format and creative design make Paper stand out. The same recipe has been used for Paper # 5 which is currently on its way to all subscribers. In the new issue we focus on a changing world, sustainability work and Agenda 2030 and on future packaging materials. Incredibly important questions that are dear to us, and we hope that our fifth issue will be as appreciated as its predecessors.



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Paper, our customer magazine, pays a tribute to printed communication by inspiring new ideas, providing knowledge and widening the perception of paper as a product.

Following our own advice in Paper #2, we let haptics be a guiding star in the creation of our customer magazine. Paper is printed on Holmen TRND 2.0, 80 gsm, with a rough surface giving text and images a powerful expression. We also have a strong focus on sustainability, which is why the cover is made from Invercote by our sister company Iggesund Paperboard. Both Holmen TRND and Invercote are made from sustainable and traceable raw material from our Swedish forests.

Paper is published in English, French, German, Spanish and Swedish.


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