Paper once more nominated for Swedish content awards

For many years Swedish communication efforts have been acknowledged through two prestigious awards; The Swedish Publishing Prize and The Design Award. The former is a competition in which a jury rewards commendable communication, encompassing both text and visual content such as print, repro and paper selection. The Design Award is one of Sweden's most prestigious competitions in graphic design and design, where the winners are elected by voting.

We are pleased that our customer magazine, Paper, once more is running for both these awards, in the category editorial/customer magazines B2B. It’s the fourth issue that has been nominated. This issue has an overall theme of ”true or false” and the importance of print media as a counterweight to a volatile digital world. The winner or this year’s Design Award will be presented on October 25, and the recipient of the Publishing Prize will be announced during the Publishing gala on November 7.

Paper and the Swedish Design Award

Paper is our customer magazine, 64 pages of knowledge providing content in a visually attractive design which is created together with content agency Chimney. The magazine is printed on Holmen TRND which emphasizes the colour and imagery of the content and conveys a feeling of an environmental mind-set with attitude. An up-to-date magazine on a modern paper.  .

The winners of the Swedish Design Award 2018 are selected through online voting, open September 3-16.

The voting is now closed. Keeping our fingers crossed.



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