Paper nominated for the Swedish Content Awards, the third consecutive year

Every year the Swedish Content Agency hosts the Swedish Content Agencies, this year for the eighteenth year. The awards acknowledge content that by means of good quality and innovative solutions has had a proven effect on brand and business. Entries are assessed by a renowned jury and the winners will be announced at an award ceremony in Stockholm on May 30.

When the nominations for this year’s awards were officially announced on May 3, we could conclude that our customer magazine Paper once again was on the list of nominees. It is the third consecutive year that Paper is acknowledged as one of the entries in the category Industry/manufacturing/energy. Paper competes against (among others) entries from Billerud Korsnäs (cartonboard inbound campaign), Arctic Paper (Paper passion by Arctic Paper) and Skogsindustrierna (Forum for bioeconomy).

“We are very pleased to see that our customer magazine is recognized in this context”, says André Skagervik, Marketing & Communications Director at Holmen Paper. ”It’s important for us to offer our customers and stakeholders relevant and inspiring content, and in a format that exemplifies the potential in our paper. Paper is constantly evolving, and we are right now looking at how we can take this format to the next level. To once again be nominated for the Swedish Content Awards is a good sign that we have done many things right.”

Paper is created in cooperation with the content agency Chimney. Account manager Torbjörn Olofsson considers it a win in itself that Paper is once again a runner for the Swedish Content Awards.

”Good, relevant and interesting content is incredibly important, and a prerequisite in order to reach your target group”, he says. “We have been a part of the journey with Paper since day one, and have followed the magazine’s continuous development. To stand out, inspire and to arouse the readers’ curiousity for paper, innovation and sustainability is a challenge in itself, but Holmen Paper and Chimney have an outstanding cooperation, and with every new issue we break new grounds”.

Another very proud member of the team around Paper is Susanne Lockner, editor-in-chief and Content Specialist at Holmen Paper.

”It’s great fun to be one of the nominees this year too. Perhaps we’ll be third time lucky?” she says and adds “The timing of the nomination is perfect too, as we are about to finalize the fifth issue of Paper that will be published at the beginning of June. It sure will be an exciting spring.”





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