The sustainable shopping challenge

The 2018 Earth Day theme was “End plastic pollution” and was a call for eliminating single-use plastics. Every minute, a garbage truck of plastics ends up in the ocean and 16.000 more plastic bottles are produced. The challenge is global, but in the US and Western countries it’s often directly related to convenience store, fast food and supermarket purchases. In the US for example, 500 million plastic straws are discarded – every day.

But consumer awareness is increasing, with more and more shoppers demanding sustainable alternatives to plastics. Customers want to feel good about their purchases, and not feel like they are contributing to a negative environmental impact, including pollution and animal death. But as with every challenge, there is also a great opportunity for the most innovative. Apple once redefined the retail buying experience in their Apple stores, and the grocery industry is looking for its counterpart. A brand that is fully committed to eliminating plastic usage, have a sustainable business model and a positive environmental impact. With someone setting the bar, competitors will follow.




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