The next generation of wrapping paper

If you like the idea of producing a wrapping paper that comes with several economic benefits, more extensive personal service and a clearer eco-profile, then Holmen GIFT is the perfect choice. With all its qualities and benefits, this new addition to our product range is a welcome gift from our own well managed forests in Sweden.

Four versions, countless benefits

Each version of Holmen GIFT is uncoated and has a unique set of properties that can be matched to your specific needs. Holmen GIFT Rustic is a matt paper with good brightness. The rough and rustic feel gives everything printed on the paper an eye-catching finish. Holmen GIFT Matt has excellent printing properties, with an exclusive matt feel that gives the print a powerful punch. Holmen GIFT Silk is a paper with good brightness and a soft, silky surface that will be attractive to many consumers. Holmen GIFT Lite offers good gloss and is a popular, cost-effective solution for in-store dispensers. 


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