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A gift from the Swedish forests

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From the source of paper, to a better source of income.

Why choose a new wrapping paper from a producer known and respected for a lot of things, but not wrapping paper? Well, the decision to do so might not be that difficult.

Just ask yourself if you like the combination of better economy, a higher level of service, and a distinct environmental profile. If you do, then spend the next few minutes reading this text. It' about us and what we do. But mostly it's about you and a whole new world of opportunities.

Introducing Holmen GIFT

The new star in the wrapping paper segment is called Holmen GIFT. The name not only implies what the paper is made for - wrapping presents - but what it actually is. A gift from our very own carefully tended forests in Sweden. With more than one million hectares in our care, Holmen is one of Europe's largest forest owners. And with this comes numerous benefits for all our customers.

It its thanks to our forests, and fresh fibres that we can offer paper with extra high bulk. This means that if you compare two papers, with the same thickness, ours will weigh less.

It is thanks to our forests, the fresh fibres and high bulk that we can offer extremely cost and volume-effective solutions - which also benefit the environment.

It is thanks to our forests and vast experience of paper production that we can offer the right deliveries at the right time, and with a high level of service.

It is thanks to our forests that we can offer you Holmen GIFT and other sustainable, high-quality products at an attractive price.

Holmen GIFT comes in four different versions

Each version has its own unique set of qualities to match your needs. They are all climate-smart papers made from fresh fibres – a renewable raw material that is eco-friendly.

Holmen GIFT Rustic:

Extreme rough surface with luxurious feel.

Holmen GIFT Rustic is an uncoated matt paper that comes with high brightness. It is packed with feeling and raw emotion and anything printed on this paper will make a striking impact.

Holmen GIFT Matt:

Good printability with matt upscale feel.

Holmen GIFT Matt is uncoated and matt. Anything printed on this paper will take on a powerful expression, feeling and artistic ambition.

Holmen GIFT Silk:

Smooth surface with good printability.

Holmen GIFT Silk is an uncoated paper with high brightness, good gloss and opacity. The soft and silky smooth surface engages the consumer’s emotions.

Holmen GIFT Lite:

A cost-effective solution for consumer rolls.

Holmen GIFT Lite comes with top print gloss, high bulk, good brightness and opacity. A wrapping paper that enhances the customer experience of a good buy.


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