Ancient and untouched? Well really Sweden's forests are more of a fresh and healthy resource that, thanks to good management, is doing better and better. As one of the world’s most forested countries, Sweden has its pines and spruces to thank for a great deal, not least a better environment, prosperity and a reliable source of raw materials. Luckily for us, it will never run out either.  


Do you know that...?

... 70 % of Sweden is covered by forest. An area of around 23 million hectares of so called forest land out of 41 million in total. 

... the most common tree species in Sweden are spruce (42 %), pineA (39 %) and birch (12 %).

... 50 % of the forest harvested in Sweden is used for joinery products and construction timber. 40 % is made into products such as newspapers, magazines, catalogues, advertising material and books. The remaining 10 % is used for biofuel and turned into energy.

... Sweden ranks as the world’s 2nd biggest exporter of sawn timber, 3rd biggest exporter of pulp and 4th biggest exporter of paper. 

... 72 % of all paper and paperboard consumed in Europe is reused. But, without fresh fibre there is no recovered paper. After the paper has been collected and recycled, the  same fibre makes a second entrance as a recovered fibre. Each time the fibre is used in paper, its properties deteriorate slightly, resulting in poorer print results than paper based on fresh fibre.

... fibre can be recycled 5–7 times, after which it is used as a biofuel.

... 1 m3 of forest captures and stores over a tonne of carbon dioxide per year. Swedish forest is growing at a rate of 110 million cubic metres each year.

 ... Holmen's forests capture over 4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year (4 350 000 tonnes in 2015), which is more than all the heavy goods vehicles in Sweden emits over the same period (3 700 000 tonnes).

... young and middle-aged trees, 21–80 years old, grow fastest and are best at absorbing carbon dioxide.

... a mature spruce can have as many as 5 000 000 needles. A traditional Christmas tree is calculated to have around half a million needles. 

... the age of the oldest known Swedish pines has been put at between 700 and 800 years old.


Our forests - our backbone

Caring for our most important natural resource is not to be taken lightly. We don't! The forest belongs to us all. Apart from being a magnificent source of raw material and production apparatus, it is the habitat for animals and plants, and a marvellous place for outdoor recreation. This is why a long term perspective and sustainability is key to Holmen. We manage our resources in the best way possible, creating growth for the future.



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