The Forests is our Foundation

The habitat for animals and plants

The forests represent a biological production apparatus that can produce wood and energy now and in the future. As such, we have perhaps the biggest interest in caring for it. But the forest is not simply a source of raw material. It's a home for plants and animals and a place for husbandry, hunting, mushroom picking and other outdoor recreation. Our forests are open to all and we encourage everybody to take advantage of its richness. A truly remarkable thing.

Increased forest growth

Considering the climate change challenges, the forest has a key role to play inhaling carbon dioxide and exhaling life sustaining oxygen. Actually, Swedish forests bind carbon dioxide that equals Sweden´s total emissions. And we are increasing that role, by making the forests grow. While forests in parts of the world are vanishing, Holmen will increase the growth rate in its own forests by about 25 per cent within 40 years. This will be done through a number of well-established measures under the forest stewardship program.

Holmen Skog on sustainable forestry

In this clip from Holmen Paper's webinar "Creating a UNIQ product", Jeanette Tretten, Communications manager at Holmen Skog, talks about how Holmen manages forests and the sustainability of fresh fibres.



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